The Swisher-Anderson Family

Sara Swisher-Anderson’s Life in Port Chester, NY

The Swisher-Anderson Family


I had the privilege of meeting Joselynn Chau of Suburbs 101 at an event in NYC that Pamela Pekerman hosted with tons of amazing female entrepreneurs. Joselynn admired the Lennon Harper Designs necklace I was wearing, which are so often conversation starters, and we got to talking. Once we had chatted for a few minutes, I asked her if she had ever interviewed anyone from Port Chester, NY (my town). As luck would have it, she hadn’t. We chatted more and made a date to do the interview. Here’s how it went…..


Sara Swisher-Anderson is the founder of Lennon Harper Designs @lennonharperdesigns and makes beautiful one-of-a-kind repurposed jewelry pieces. We met at a recent event in NYC where she explained to me that she designs jewelry using repurposed, vintage and new pieces to create something completely unique.  Once I found out that she and her family had moved to Port Chester from Manhattan a few years ago, I knew I had to interview her. She talks about why she loves Port Chester and how “it has a reputation from the neighboring towns (Rye, Greenwich, etc.) for being “less than” because of it’s diversity and mix of multi-cultural people.” Here is Sara’s life in Port Chester, NY.


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