We threw a party!

“Make new friends but keep the old…

one is silver and the other gold”


First, a massive thank you to all of my old and new friends that came out earlier this month to support my small “mompreneur” business of designing and making handcrafted one of a kind statement necklaces.



I tried to be purposeful in my approach to how the night would flow, who would be there, how I’d display some of the jewelry, etc.  A few things I learned (because if you don’t learn, you can’t grow, IMHO)….


  1. Taste in jewelry is very individual, specific and should be paid attention to.
  2. Our OOAK cocktail rings are fun, easy to wear, and very affordable.
  3. Accessibility and affordability matter to me deeply and my prices need to reflect that.
  4. The very fabulous women in the room wanted me to succeed and gave me great feedback I’m listening to.


The evening really was a complete gift of strong women, great food, delicious drinks and some major bling. Whether you like a simple monochromatic look, a more demure/muted color scheme, or all the bling in the world, Lennon Harper Designs has what you’re looking for. The completely customized approach is what I think works the best about the brand.


Let me tell you a little more about it and give you some examples……..




This is Emily. She is kind, thoughtful, generous and very easy to get along with. She came to me wanting something simple, understated, but a bit classic (with at touch of bling). We worked together one evening, with glasses of wine in our hands, and poured over my studio table…..remember how sometimes I say “the magic is in the mess”? Well, it’s really and honestly true. Until you (or I) see tons and tons of bits and pieces in front of me, I can’t really envision or “see” what might work. We played and played and played but finally came up with a great design that blended a monochromatic feel with some bling. And then we walked away from it and “slept on it” as they say. I always like to do that….especially if it’s night time when I’m #inthestudio because the light of day makes everything look a little different. Deep, I know.




This is Jackie. She’s a girl that grew up in the Bronx (her instagram handle is “jackie from the block” and is one of the most well-read, well-intentioned and intelligent people I know.


When she and I got together to design her necklace she mentioned wanting something shiny and beautiful, with sparkle and personality….but that she could easily dress up any LBD (little black dress) or warm cashmere sweater with. We found everything in my magical mess except for the center piece. Nothing felt quite right to us. So….we went searching for used/antique pieces on Etsy and found a gorgeous brooch we both fell in love with as the centerpiece.


Look at this! The bling, the sparkle, the texture, the dimensions! Ok, sorry…..I get excited. About my own designs. Love what I love.




This is Pam. She’s an inspiration! That’s it. She’s someone I met over the last year and have been so incredibly impressed by. I’ve learned a ton from watching how she engages with other amazing women on social media (and live in person), to create connections, find synergies and open doors for other hustling women to network and advance their business, mission, strategy, or dream. She’s incredibly generous with her time and support and I’m so grateful that I know her and can call her a friend. Check out Pamela’s life and all that she does for hustling mama’s like me.


Her necklace was made with her very personal and individual aesthetic in mind. She carries herself with a stunning brightness, charm, and colorful positivity that is refreshing. I saw her rocking a ton of yellow during the spring and when I was able to meet her in person (after connecting on Instagram for quite a while) I was beyond excited to give her the piece she’s wearing below.




Dear Prudence. The Prudence of Prudence Homes. We literally met on Instagram because of our short hair and “Insta”-ntly became friends. Get it? Us short-haired girls have to stick together, right? Prudence is an interior designer in CT/Westchester and she’s BEYOND amazing. She’s also 100% self made, by the way. The most amazing, hustling, hard working, passionate, and fiercely talented woman ever! She gravitated immediately to this big chunky piece that is literally a massive brooch/pin re-attached to a string of black beads (all vintage). She wore it with gusto and her enthusiasm was palpable (and appreciated).





There are so many more amazing, pictures, thanks to Julia Dags, who is an incredibly confident, creative and very fabulous photographer who happens to work with many of the badass blogging women of Westchester and Connecticut (and beyond). You rock, my friend, and I can’t wait for our next shoot!


Finally, to all the amazing women (and men) who support me (and not just on this particular night) but always…you know who you are and I’m eternally grateful.


So much love, love, love,



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