Holiday Favorites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (in your best singing voice). No, really. This time of year, though busy and sometimes stressful, really is the most wonderful time. Here are a few of my holiday favorites.


  • The trip to pick out the tree. The last few years, we’ve traveled to Connecticut to pick out a tree, and end up “dropping by” our friends house in Westport on the way home — which people just don’t do anymore, right? This year I pre-scheduled the drop-by, but have asked that they act surprised, have a cheese plate ready, and wine waiting to be poured! Who doesn’t love a glass of wine with friends and family during the holidays.
    Decorating the tree. We love to put on Christmas music (oldies mostly), light candles, and really get into the holiday spirit when we’re decorating. Now that the girls are 11 and 13, they understand to spread the ornaments out so they’re not all clustered in one area (and control-freak Mommy no longer has to re-arrange them after they go to bed).


  • Soup. I really love a warm pot of soup in the winter. Our family favorite is my mom’s potato soup recipe which isn’t low-fat, but is sincerely delicious. My second favorite is a white bean chicken chili recipe that is super easy, warm, and delish!



  • Family. We have been attempting for the “every other year” strategy of spending Christmas with my family in Nebraska and my husband’s family in NY and Florida. I often feel there is so much pressure this time of year for families to be together (on a specific day) which is stressful and not as enjoyable. Maybe we’ll start a Christmas in July tradition. But, this year we will be traveling to Omaha for 5 days, and I cannot wait to see our cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews, sisters, and of course, my parents (grandparents). When we go “home” we always love to eat at LaCasa Pizza (best pizza ever, I know NY, relax), and we also have to have the meatballs and gravy at my Aunt Patty and Uncle Rick’s house. It’s an Italian tradition passed down from many generations.


No matter what you celebrate, here’s to a peaceful, sweet time with friends and family.



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